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We don’t just implement Microsoft cloud solutions;
we revolutionize your entire approach to the digital realm.

Our commitment? 

Building robust relationships founded on trust and ensuring every solution we deliver amplifies your business value.

Our Expertise Touchpoints Include:



Integrating Advanced Collaboration on any device.

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Next-Gen Datacenters

Elevating your data centers to world-class standards.

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Data-Driven Decisions

Transforming raw data into actionable insights.

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Intelligent IT Security

Offering unparalleled protection in a dynamic digital world

Your Success is Our North Star

Across the globe, from finance to retail to manufacturing, organizations trust us to steer their digital evolution. 


Because our momentum is powered by their successes. We thrive on challenges, often picking up where others have left off to deliver unparalleled results.

A Microsoft Alliance Like No Other

As a Certified Microsoft Partner, our devotion to trailblazing technology solutions is unwavering. Whether you’re just beginning your digital odyssey or are miles in, let us turbocharge your journey.

With KPCS, you’re not just adopting technology; you’re harnessing an ecosystem that vigilantly oversees and expertly manages your cloud risks.

Meet our team

Jan Koran KPCS

Jan Kořán, Our Visionary CEO 

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Leading the USA branch and steering business development are not just roles, but my passion. With nearly three decades in IT management, I’m committed to transforming challenges into opportunities. My role in initial business need assessment is to map out path for our clients to unlock their true digital potential.

Vukašin Terzić 

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As a Principal Solution Architect and recognized Microsoft MVP for Azure, I bring over two decades of tech leadership to our team. My expertise lies in leveraging cloud solutions to drive business transformation, ensuring our clients capitalize on cutting-edge technology for optimal growth and efficiency.

Vukašin Terzić

About KPCS

Over 17 years, KPCS has evolved from a tech firm to a beacon of digital innovation. Our collaboration with Microsoft is rooted in mutual expertise, propelling us to deliver transformative solutions. We’ve been the driving force behind many businesses leaping into the digital age from the Czech Republic to the USA with our strong presence in Central Europe and the United Kingdom.

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Our Impact by the Numbers

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+ 100

Orchestrated 100+ cloud marvels
in just the previous year.
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+ 500 000

Monthly, we redefine digital experiences
for over 500,000 users spanning 38 nations.